Oh Lord, my God! How excellent is your name! How excellent is your name in all the earth…For there is none like you!

For you sit High upon you heavenly throne, but you look low and Nothing escapes your holy vision!

You see the hurt, hatred, anger, pain, sickness and Chaos that’s covering our Land right now. Father, We know that You alone are SOVEREIGN and can Fix that which is broken and malfunctioning as a result of this fallen world.

We come Crying Out…with Unified Minds and Consecrated Hearts, and On One accord…have mercy on us and FIX IT, Lord Jesus!

We don’t look to the government, the legislators, or any other mortal man…We look to YOU, Oh God—The Faithful, True and Righteous God—to right the wrongs, bring the unjust to Justice, heal the sick, set captives free and restore order from chaos!

For you said in your Word that IF YOUR PEOPLE, who are called by your name, will Humble themselves and PRAY, SEEK YOUR FACE, TURN from their Wicked Ways…THEN….YOU WILL HEAR US FROM HEAVEN, FORGIVE OUR SINS and HEAL OUR LAND.

Father God, Our Land needs healing…Heal our MINDS…So that we have the Mind of Christ! Heal our Hearts…so that we have compassion and love for one another. Heal our Hands…so that we will be quick to Help others and not Harm.

Oh God, Hear our Humble Cry…and Heal Our Land! Thank you, Father, for hearing our hearts cry! It’s in the Sovereign and Saving Name Of Jesus I pray…Amen.~M. Ford


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