“Phenomenal GOD!“

Phenomenal GOD!

Father God, You indeed are phenomenal! Miraculous and glorious are your works! Nothing is beyond your reach and nothing can escape your Holy vision!

Allow a fresh wind and fresh fire of Your Spirit to sweep over our land like wildfire—starting in our homes, churches, communities and spreading throughout the world!

Father, break our hearts with the things that break Your heart. Move within us in such a mighty way that men, women, boys and girls will be loosed and set free from those things that bind and prohibit them from being all You have predestined and ordained them to be, in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Father, transform hearts and minds so that your people will be compelled to LIVE HOLY—presenting their bodies as a living sacrifice—putting to death any unholy habits and wicked ways preventing a closer walk with Christ.

Father God, Move us to an even deeper and intimate relationship with our Savior—becoming closer than close to HIM so that His WILL becomes our will, and His WILL be done.

Strengthen CHRISTIANS all over the world to rise up and take hold of THE ONE who has taken hold of them! Help believers all around the world to experience Christ as The Prince of Peace in the middle of life’s storm; as a Battle AX to fight all of their battles; a Strong Tower where the righteous can run in and find safety; as a Deliverer from any unholy habits and who can break any stronghold or demonic influence; and as a Comforter who can mend any broken heart and bring joy in the midst of sorrow!

Father, loose the shackles on our feet and free us up in the spirit to dance like David danced—praising you with our whole hearts because You are a Phenomenal God!

It’s in the mighty and matchless name of JESUS, who is the Christ, I pray—AMEN!




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