Good morning Father!
Thank you for your new mercies today! Deliver those who are suffering from sickness, disease, stress, anxiety, oppression, depression, helplessness, hopelessness, fear and despair. Allow the purifying power of your Holy Spirit to cleanse our lives from all things that dishonor you, and hinder us from doing your perfect will. We cast off every form of unrighteousness and yield our total being—Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, to your transforming grace—You are the Potter and we are the clay! Help us to trust you and walk in holiness day-by-day! Bless us to bless others. Strengthen us, even in our weakest hour! Grow your love, joy and peace in our hearts, so that it will overflow onto others as we go!
Help our Christ-lights to shine on others so that they see YOU and know the true love of Christ by our love for one another and our living testimony. Our heart’s desire is to please YOU Lord! Have Your way with us, in us, and through us— In Jesus‘ name I pray…Amen.🙏🏽


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