Father, Oh how we love you! Thank you for yet another day that was not promised, but your mercy allowed. Great is your Faithfulness towards us! Father, We need You every hour! Some of our hearts are hurting during the holidays because of the absence of loved ones gone on to their heavenly home—comfort and give your peace that surpasses all understanding. Some are dealing with various kinds of illnesses or pain in their body—heal and restore as only you can. Some may be wrestling with addictive behaviors of various nature—set those who are captive free! Others may be experiencing financial setbacks—provide exceedingly, abundantly above what they have asked! Father, raise each of us up as part of your remnant—Called our and set apart for such a time as this! Build us up in our most holy faith—not faltering, unwavering, steadfast & unmovable, rooted & grounded in your Word & persistent in prayer! Let no heart be troubled, but filled with rejoicing I humbly pray. IJN…Amen 🙏🏽

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