El Shaddai…Lord, God Almighty! It is in You we live, move and have our being! It is Your breath of life that course through our body as we breathe in and out on this brand new day! It is Your hand of mercy that has kept us and caused us not to be consumed! It is Your favor that follows us and Your love that continually chases us down! MORNING BY MORNING NEW MERCIES I SEE! GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS TOWARDS ME!!☝🏾🙌🏼

Jehovah Shalom…I come interceding on behalf of those standing in need of Your perfect peace in their life today. There are so many of your children hurting and dealing with every issue under the sun. Nevertheless, We know you can mend broken hearts and bring peace and comfort to those bereaved; revive and restore broken relationships; breath new life into dead marriages; bring order to dysfunctional families; Heal those who are sick; bring clarity of mind to those confused and misguided by the enemy; give hope to the hopeless, unveil blinded eyes of the lost, and give courage and confidence to those called by Your name!

Abba…because YOU rule supreme, this day we decree and declare we shall Not fall prey to the enemy’s snare! We shall not walk in fear, but follow You in Faith! We shall not be overcome by evil, but we will overcome evil with Good! We shall claim the victory because VICTORY is already Ours! You are Yahweh…have Your way this day Yahweh! It’s in the mighty and matchless Name of Jesus I pray and praise always…Amen!🙏🏽~M. Ford


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