Father God, We come humbly into your presence, asking forgiveness of our sins, and seeking your face and your Will for all we purpose in our hearts. Cleanse us from all unrighteousness and Give us a clean heart so that we might be used in great ways for your glory!

Lord, move in miraculous ways! Move like a mighty rushing wind across our land for our healing, restoration, and deliverance! Only you Father, can break the shackles that bind us and bring about supernatural deliverance from systemic racism, global pandemics, moral decay of society, and persecution of your people.

Father, we turn away from our sins and we turn to YOU—for you alone are the righteous judge—faithful, long-suffering, full of grace, loving and merciful! Hear our prayers and send overflow in areas of lack and need! Grace us with mental, emotional and physical wellness and freedom from those things that bind, diminish and hinder us from fulfilling all of our purpose in this life! Deliver us from complacency and set those who are captive FREE! Set our hearts and souls on FIRE with DESIRE to Live Holy according to your Word and give us a thirst for righteousness that only You can quench!

We look to YOU Father, and YOU ALONE in such a time as this! For You are our almighty God, our strength and song, our high tower, battle Ax, and strong deliverer! Hear our cry, oh Lord, and heal our Land!

It’s in the mighty and matchless Name above all names JESUS I pray and praise you always! Hallelujah and Amen!🙏🏽~M. Ford



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