“STRENGTH To Live Holy”


Heavenly Father, I come praying today for Your children…those who are called by Your name. Help us to long for an intimate relationship with You—no longer desiring milk, but the meat of Your word to guide our lives, especially in times like these. 

Father, consecrate our hearts so that we grieve over the sins of mankind and over our own personal sins, then confess and repent—turning away from those things that break Your heart and turning to Your Word and Prayer for the STRENGTH we need to truly Live Holy day-by-day. 

Father, I Pray for spiritual freshness to fall upon each of us individually and collectively as one global body of believers to effectively serve in building up your kingdom here on earth. Help us to use our spiritual gifts and talents for ministry, mission and witnessing to the unchurched and unsaved in our homes, communities and beyond.

Father, I Pray for spirit-fed, spirit-lead and anointed pastors, teachers, preachers, leaders, prayer warriors and all true Christ followers to rise up and with holy boldness proclaim that YOU ALONE are THE TRUE AND LIVING CHRIST! Endow us compassion and courage to be witnesses of Your sovereignty, omnipotence, faithfulness, forgiveness, righteousness, mercy, grace and Love!

Father, I Pray for SPIRITUAL REVIVAL to sweep across this Land like a mighty rushing wind—turning the stony unrepentant hearts of the people back into submitted, surrendered hearts of flesh that truly seek to serve and live for You above all else!

Hear my humble prayer on this new day of this new week! It’s In the strong and mighty Name of JESUS I pray and praise forever…Amen.🙏🏽~M. Ford



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