Father God, there are so many of your people hurting. Whether due to a broken heart because of loss of loved ones, or due to some physical Illness/pain in their body—YOU indeed are the remedy; the mender of broken hearts; healer of all our sickness & disease; strength for the weak and comfort for the comfortless.

Father, You alone have the Grace to suit every case and the means to meet every need.

Help us to live beyond what we can see and live every moment as if it were our last…Holy and acceptable unto You, the author and finisher of our Faith.

Thank You, Father, for your love, mercy, faithfulness and kindness towards us. We submit and surrender our wills to Yours…have your way in us and through us this day! It’s in the strong, mighty and miraculous Name of Jesus I pray…Amen 🙏🏽

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