“STRENGTH for The Journey”

STRENGTH for The Journey

Heavenly Father, Your children are in dire need of your strength, confidence, comfort, power and peace today. Many may be fearful—facing trials, troubles and difficulties that seem too much to bare and impossible to overcome.

Nevertheless Father, help us to realize that things are not always what they seem to be in the natural because of what is taking place in the spiritual! Open spiritual eyes to see the invisible…that there are more on our side than against us! In the midst of this current chaos and crisis, Father help those who are “called by your name” to stay focused on YOU—realizing that with You (our sovereign savior being for us, in us, and with us) is more than the world against us!

Father, help us to realize that in difficult times such as these YOU alone are our source of courage and STRENGTH. YOU, Oh God, will dispatch an invincible army that will fight for us—whether against man, demons or disease, you have promised that IF we don’t be anxious, pray without ceasing, trust in You and give Thanks in all things….YOU will give us peace and a quiet confidence in times of uncertainty, unrest and calm the raging seas of life!

Father, it’s Your peace and confidence that will make us steady and sure—able to stand firmly and tread safely on these rough paths of testing, trials and trouble! Father, Help us to look past our problems and our pain and remember your Promises—standing firmly on your Word at all times…Decreeing and Declaring WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED! ALL FOR YOUR HONOR AND GLORY, OH GOD!!

Thank you for Your Faithfulness Father! It’s in the mighty, matchless and sovereign Saviors name Jesus I pray and praise always…AMEN🙏🏽~M. Ford

Philippians 4: 6-8; Isaiah 43:29


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