🙏🏽QUESTION: What DEAD 💀 Situation in your Life needs the Resurrection Power of JESUS?

Let Jesus Take away the stone of unbelief so that you may see the glory of God!☝🏾🙏🏽

Father, We thank You that You have heard our cry for REVIVAL and every plea for the saved and unsaved because You hear us always.

But, because we live in a watching world, with so many prople who don’t Truly believe in your resurrection power, we continually Cry Out on One Accord….SHOW US YOUR GLORY ON THIS DAY AS WE FAST AND PRAY so that they may believe that YOU alone are Elohim!

Father, help us to shed those burial clothes that are keeping us bound by those things that You have freed us from.

Loose us so that we can Go and Glow for Your Glory! Give us resurrection Testimonies! It’s in the mighty Name of Jesus who Is The Christ I pray and praise always. Amen 🙏🏽~M. Ford



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