Heavenly Father, Grant your wisdom, knowledge and understanding to President Biden and VP Harris as they transition into new offices today, and to all other governing authorities. I pray for Restoration of dignity, respect, honesty, compassion and love as guiding principles for all decision makers currently and entering offices today. I pray that those being sworn into office will take to heart the oaths they take—realizing that God has no pleasure in fools who make vows and do not keep them, for He alone is the true and righteous judge who knows and sees all and will repay to everyone according to their works sown.

Father God, I pray against the spirits of confusion, division, hatred, injustice, violence and chaos in the White House, Senate and House Of Representatives. I pray for the spirit of unity, calmness and peace to rest and abide upon the hearts of every man and woman willing to receive them on today.

Father God, As we move forward in the days to come, reunite this people of the USA as One Nation Under GOD—once again putting our hope and trust in your sovereignty and promises!

Father, release the love of Christ into the atmosphere and let it draw the hearts of the people into repentance and salvation! Lord…show us Your glory as we humbly submit and surrender our ways to your divine will. I ask these things in the mighty and matchless Name above every name, JESUS, who is The Christ. Amen!🙏🏽❤️~M. Ford

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12

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