Father God…our hearts are so glad because of what you have done in us and through us thus far! We stand on tiptoes of expectation as to what you will do as we move further in and deeper down in our relationship with you! Lord, we know that whether with many or a remnant few you will accomplish all you set out to accomplish! Use us, Oh Lord, to accomplish even greater works for the kingdom! Consecrate our hearts so that we are sensitive to your will! Regulate our minds so that we think on you more each day! Sharpen our vision so that we see in the spiritual realm! Fine tune our hearing so that we recognize Your voice even in the midst of chaos and confusion! And, when we get weak and tired, oh Lord, Strengthen us for this journey! Have your way Lord…ALL for Your glory! We love, praise and worship you always….IJN, Amen🙏🏽


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