Heavenly Father, Pour out your spirit on your children who are seeking you today! Fill our hearts with overflowing love for You, love for one another, and love for those we encounter daily. Give us the heart of a Lion, that we will have Holy boldness to stand for things that are right in a world that has chosen to fall for things that are wrong! Give us a spirit of praise and worship like David, recognizing and responding to Your character, creation and faithfulness at all times and in all situations! Even when things are chaotic without, give us a quiet peace deep within that comes from confidence in knowing that You, Oh Lord, are GREATER than anything and ABOVE all things! Father, gift us with spiritual 20/20 vision—living in the natural realm, but seeing things in the supernatural realm! Build us up in our most holy faith so that we won’t falter and fail when trials and troubles come our way, but rather we will mount up on wings like an eagle and soar past our present pain into your promises for a brighter future! Help us to see these situations as you see them—only a temporary testing of our faith divinely designed to strengthen us for this race…and a TESTIMONY of the TEST that we’ve endured and prevailed! Hallelujah and Amen!🙏🏽

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