“Humble Cry!”


Heavenly Father, Thank you for your unfailing love! I come praying that your people, who are called by your name, will humble themselves and pray fervently for a spiritual revival in our land! For I know that you are the only light of hope we have in this present darkness and the only remedy for a sin sick world. Help us to seek hard after Your will and to repent of every evil way and sin—individually and collectively.

Father, I pray for our national leaders—that they would not put their trust in military strength, financial leverage, human strategy, or political power and influence to solve our local & national problems and global difficulties; but rather put their hope, trust and faith in You who made the heavens and earth!

I pray that the hearts of those in authority locally and globally will be turned back to You, Oh God! I pray that the scriptures will once again guide all decision making in our country that was once rooted in your word. I pray that your Holy Spirit will sweep across our land and country like a mighty rushing wind…setting free minds captive by demonic depression, oppression and possession! I pray that hearts and minds of those who don’t know You will be set free from Satan’s grip! I pray for the loss to come into the knowledge of Your saving grace! And I pray that saints will have holy boldness to witness and not fall for Satan’s tricks and traps! Hear my Hearts Cry, Oh Lord, and Heal Our Land! IJN I Pray…Amen 🙏🏽

#2 Chronicles 7:14


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