“Rearview Vision”


Looking Back can Bless or Curse you—depending on whether you use “God Goggles” or the “Lier Lenses” of Satan. The choice is yours to make daily. Here are some “DO’s & Don’ts Of Looking Back”:

1. Don’t Look Back to wallow in mistakes of Past Pains😫. Do Look back to see👀 that you don’t make those same mistakes again!☝🏾

2. Don’t Look Back to keep your private Pity-Party going😭. Do Look back to Praise God for how far you’ve come by Faith!🙌🏼

3. Don’t Look Back to sing🎤 the “If I could have, would have” song 🎼. Do Look Back to share Your Testimony Of God’s great Grace!🗣💃🏾

4. Don’t Look Back to take Inventory of what you think you lost📝. Do Look Back to Count your Blessings of godly gain! 💯🆙

5. Don’t Look Back in prideful arrogance of self-accomplishment🤩. Do Look back to give GOD the Glory for manifestation of promises!😇

If you never Look Back, you won’t see WHO you’ve left behind.😱 You may be the very one assigned to help someone else move forward!🔜🙋🏽‍♀️ The choice is Yours…Which rearview vision will you choose? ~M Ford

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