“Speak No Evil”


Little things can make a big impact on our lives. When you consider the mouth in comparison to other parts of the human anatomy, it may not seem as significant—but it is a powerful instrument to be used for good or evil—to bring joy or pain. The mouth can be used as an instrument for uplifting and encouraging or it can be dastardly and devastating to others based upon the “words” that come forth from it.

Think about it…how have you used your mouth lately? Perhaps in praise, prayer, encouragement, motivation, and blessings—to praise and worship our Lord and Savior? Maybe you have used your “words” as a secret weapon when you get into verbal arguments—or, to strike back at someone who you feel has wronged you—or, to tear down and curse people…those who were created in God’s likeness? Praises and curses coming from the same mouth…the apostle James says that these things ought not to happen—“…If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body” (James 3:2-10). So, as you self-reflect on your verbal history, remember… “Speak No Evil”.

©Copyright 2014: Encouragement Devotional Excerpt—“Speak No Evil”, by, Mary A. Ford

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