Heavenly Father, As we enter a brand new week, with brand new mercy and grace, we thank you! Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing love and protective covering that’s keep us through seen and unseen dangers! Thank you, Lord, for yet another opportunity to lift up your name, love one another, and live a life that is pleasing in your sight.

Now Father, as we face uncertain times, I Pray for physical and emotional/mental health and wellness for those who are bound with illness and minds that are gripped by fear, anxiety and depression. Father, I Pray for those sick at home, in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in hospitals—for those in need of divine healing, recovery and restoration and just a touch from you! Lord, Release your healing power for those suffering from all manner of sickness and diseases—Cancer, Heart, Diabetes, HIV, MS, Blood Pressure, COVID-19 and numerous other afflictions! I plead the blood of Jesus over those in need of healing of addictive behaviors—smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity, anorexia and any other addictions and strongholds that have taken over, gripped, consumed and destroying your people!

Father God, send a mighty shaking and awakening throughout this land that will brake loose and set the captives free, in the mighty name of Jesus! Lord, help every man, woman, boy and girl to turn from their wicked ways and cry out for your saving grace! Father God, give us a heart for the things that break your heart! Help us to see the things of this world as you see them! Give us ears that will hear your still small voice, even when the world is full of chaotic noise! Give us hearts that will ache to be cleansed from sin and a desire, hunger and thirst after your righteousness! Oh, Lord…send your Holy Spirit like a consuming fire to sweep over this land, country and world until once again people will know that You alone are the True and Living Jehovah God! It’s in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus I pray and praise you always! Hallelujah and Amen!

(James 5:13-16; Luke 4:18-18)



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