“Revive Us Again!”

Heavenly Father, I pray that as we pray today for Spiritual Revival in our families, homes, schools, communities, churches, country and land—that you, oh Lord, would increase our believing faith in your ability to intervene supernaturally and do the impossible, even in this time of world crisis. Father, I pray that as we deny ourselves the fleshly appetites for food to SEEK YOUR FACE in prayer and fasting today, in response You will pour out your spirit in ways unimaginable! Father God, raise up an army of true Prayer Warriors that will steadfastly wage war against the enemy on their knees! No longer bound and defeated by political correctness, social status, and worldly ways, but Warriors willing to persevere in fasting and prayer until we reclaim our families, marriages, children, schools, communities, nation and world for Christ! Hear our one accord prayers today, Oh Lord, and Heal Our Land! In Jesus’ mighty, matchless and miraculous name I pray! Amen (2Chronicles 7:14)

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