“A Loving Touch”

Heavenly Father, we need your touch this day. Touch our minds so that we think on things that are good and right in your sight. Touch our hearts so that we are in perfect peace no matter the situation. Touch our tongues so that we speak of your greatness, love, forgiveness, omnipotence and sovereignty! Touch our eyes so that we see Your glory shining through the gloomy clouds of darkness in our lives!

Father, send your healing and restore those hurting, sick and emotionally distraught is my prayer. Comfort those in a season of loss—no matter what that loss may be that’s causing your children pain and suffering. Comfort and cover each of us on today with an extra portion of your grace and mercy! Help us weather every storm of life in a manner that reflects your goodness and glory! Thank you, Father for loving us unconditionally! We love you Father with our whole hearts! Help us to REJOICE in your great unconditional love for us! It’s in the all-sufficient name of Jesus I pray…Amen ❤️🙏🏽

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