“A Christmastime Prayer”

Heavenly Father,

I pray for physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health and healing for your children who may be suffering, in the hospital, sick at home, distressed, oppressed, depressed, or just need a breakthrough! I pray for deliverance from strongholds in the lives of your people…alcohol, drugs, pornography, homosexuality, perverse behavior—they all MUST GO, IN JESUS’ NAME! Father we evict from the hearts and minds demonic suppression, oppression, paranoia and depression in Your people—they all MUST GO IN THE MIGHTY MATCHLESS NAME OF JESUS! Father…We come pleading the saving BLOOD OF JESUS and CLAIMING THE VICTORY as we BIND those things here on earth that will cause YOU not to get the glory you deserve in Heaven! By the Power of The Word We demolish everything that sets itself up against the knowledge, ways, and will of Christ Jesus, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ and His will for our lives! Deliver your children, Oh Lord—Set our feet upon a rock and establish our goings—giving us hinds feet so that we can successfully maneuver the slippery slopes of life and dodge the dangerous snares of the enemy! Lord, lift our heads high above our enemies and set us on a plain path—not wavering to the left nor right, but walking upright in Holy Boldness, allowing you to perfect every good work within us…ALL FOR YOUR GLORY, OH Lord! l humbly pray this prayer and praise You always…Amen🙏🏽


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