“Praying for Pastors”

Heavenly Father, I Pray that all pastors will boldly stand and preach the uncompromised gospel and saving grace of Jesus Christ. I pray for divine direction, protection, guidance and encouragement for my pastor (Dr. Ronnie W. Goines) and for all pastors desiring to lead like Christ and truly exhibit and support Kingdom agendas. Father, I Pray for all church leadership, administration, staff, ministries and volunteers to render their service as unto the Lord and seek His guidance and direction in every area of ministry and life. I Pray for churches to be revived and on fire for the Lord; truly demonstrating the unconditional love of Christ for one another and others encountered. Father God, give pastors wisdom and discernment to call their congregations to intercession and lead them to an understanding of the times. Father, I Pray for a spirit of prayer to spread like wildfire across our homes, churches and land until every church becomes a “House of Prayer”, saturated with seasons and extended times of lost people turning to the Lord and prodigals retuning to the church. Lord, hear our humble cry and heal our land! It’s in the mighty name of Jesus I pray…Amen