“The HEART Of The Matter”

“The HEART of The Matter: Prayer for the Lost and Unchurched”

Heavenly Father, I come praying for the hearts of the lost and unchurched to be changed and for the unsaved to come into the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Father, I pray that the spiritual eyes and ears of the unsaved and unchurched be opened to the truths of Christ and God’s Word regarding every area of their life; that they will be drawn by The Spirit into true repentance and return to the church to receive healing and help to live by faith in Christ.

Father, help the lost to have Your attitude toward sin and be released to believe in the saving power of the cross, and the ability to be free from sin because of the shed blood of Jesus The Christ!

Father, I pray for those that are saved to truly desire to live a transformed life in Christ, and to have a desire to go into the harvest field to share Christ, serve in ministry and disciple others—all for God’s glory!

Thank you, Father, for trusting us with the Calling you’ve placed in each of us who know You! Have your way in our lives as your perfect will be done! I pray this prayer in the sovereign Name above all names, JESUS! Hallelujah & Amen 🙏🏽






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