“Let Freedom Ring!”


As Christians, what does Christ bring to our lives that enables us to fight and win the war within—to truly become free at last? The Holy Spirit! He is who Jesus promised us in John 14 and Acts 1-2, and is the centerpiece of Paul’s discussion in Romans 8. Therefore, we will never find this “freedom” we long for apart from God and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This is Paul’s message in the book of Romans to the people then and to us today—he who God sets free through Christ is free indeed! Without the help of the Holy Spirit, sin would continue to rule and reign in our mortal body and have the upper hand in our life. The Holy Spirit is indeed our “secret weapon” to winning the fight within and the war on sin! As we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, direct, inspect, and instruct us in living a “God-fed” and “God-led” life—this brings freedom. This is truly the gift of independence!

Excerpt from the Devotional: “From Duty To Delight: Are You Enjoying Jesus Yet?”, by Mary A. Ford}

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