Bye, bye 2018!🙋🏽 We had some good times and some bad times, some ups and some downs, some laughs and some frowns; But now it’s time to say farewell✌🏽👋.

Hello 2019…Looking ahead 👀to the New Year it will surely bring some ups and downs, obstacles and opportunities, so let’s resolve to position ourselves for blessings by BEING a blessing!🙏🏽

Remember…the abundant LIFE is not a dream, but a promise!🙌🏼 So, as we close the door that can never be opened again, resolve in your spirit to live a life that makes GOD SMILE! 😇 For there is one thing I know…Heaven is beyond the Horizon and The Best is Yet to Come!🙌🏼☝🏾Have a Happy & Safe New Year everyone!🥳🎊❤️🙏🏽~M. Ford





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