Some people move away from their homelands looking for it—sometimes leaving friends and family behind. Others start new lives—facing unknown dangers in the pursuit of it. Many fight against addictive demons—drugs, alcohol, over eating, smoking, perfectionism, pornography, and much more… all just for a taste of it. Armies are trained to fight for it; and far too many die on foreign soil fighting in defense of it. Then there are those who try every kind of “religion” imaginable striving to experience it. More and more people seek to find it through financial independence and the continuous acquisition of material things. We celebrate it in music, movies and paintings. Statues are erected in honor of it. Schools teach students to respect it. Leaders of countries deliver speeches about it. Riots break out and demonstrators march to voice frustration over not having it. So, what is “IT” that could be so highly treasured, sought after, honored and revered? FREEDOM! We all want it, even when we fear it. We were created to enjoy it—to experience nothing less. But down the corridors of history we lost it. The freedom we once knew under God—that ability to satisfy the desires of our heart in ways that pleased God became distorted, strained, twisted and faded by sin. Yet still we want our freedom, but we keep going after it in the wrong ways. So, we become slaves—slaves to cravings that draw us further into our own lusts and even further away from our God—The One who lovingly created us FREE to serve Elohim. The Word of God is life-changing for those who are willing to admit that they are sinners and desire a better way—God’s way! He who God has set free, is free indeed—no longer bound by the bondage and shackles of sin. That’s true freedom—So, Let Freedom Ring!

[Excerpt~”From Duty To Delight: Are You Enjoying Jesus Yet?” by Mary A. Ford]

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