“Lord, Revive Us & Heal Our Land!”—DAY 12

Day 12: 12 Days of Prayer & Fasting for spiritual revival…Prayers for Healing of our Land! (2 Chronicles 7:14)(Micah 6:8; Proverbs 18:12; Matt. 6:33; Phil. 2:14-16; 4:6-7; Mark 10:27; Isaiah 59:1; Psalms 145:18; 1 John 1:9; Jeremiah 3:22; Hosea 6:1; Joel 2:25)

Father God, how excellent is your name in all the earth! Please Hear the humble cry of your children! Help those who believe in You to walk in a spirit of humility; recognizing that pride leads to destruction and humility precedes honor. Father, I Pray that ALL Christians will seek You first in prayer at the beginning of each day before getting involved in work or other activates—allowing urgency and fervency to characterize their prayers so that it will be their first response to life situations and circumstances—Pray, not panic. Father, I Pray that as believers humbly seek Your face, their faith will increase in Your ability to intervene supernaturally in any situation and do the impossible! Father, I Pray that Christians everywhere will understand the dire importance and their personal responsibility to live holy and blameless before a lost and watching world; and that God will raise up an army of Prayer Warriors and Prayer Intercessors who are willing to preserver in prayer and wage war on their knees. Father, I Praise You that Your hand is not too short to save, and Your ear is not too heavy to hear our one accord prayers. Father , I praise You for Your promise to hear and draw near to all who call upon You in truth. I Praise You for Your promise to extend mercy, forgive our sin and cleanse those who confess and forsake their sins. And, I Praise You, Oh Lord, for Your promise to heal those who have fallen away, bind up the wounds of the torn and bruised, and restore the years that the locust has eaten! Thank You Lord, for healing our land! It’s in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus The Christ I pray and praise You always. Amen 🙏🏽


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