“Lord, Revive Us Again!”—DAY 7

Day 7: 12 Days of Prayer & Fasting for spiritual revival…Prayers for Health and Healing (James 5:13-16; Luke 4:18)

Father God, Today I come praying for the physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness of those in need. Touch those sick at home and in hospitals with your healing finger of love. Release your healing power, and allow complete recovery and restoration within and throughout their bodies. Father, I Pray & Plead the blood of Jesus over those for the healing of specific sickness and diseases—Cancer, Lupus, Heart conditions, Diabetes, HIV, Blood Pressure issues, digestive disorders, Kidney/Liver malfunctions, Eye, Ear, Back Pain and memory loss…Lord, Touch and heal these and many others! Father, I also Pray for the healing of perverseness and addictive behaviors—smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity, anorexia, pornography, and others that plague, deteriorate and destroy these temples and prohibits a closer walk with you! Hear our cry, Oh Lord, and heal your people…in the name of Jesus! Amen 🙏🏽


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