National Day of Prayer Focuses:

1. Pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey…those grieving loss of loved ones and property.

2. Pray for the first responders and citizen volunteers…strength, endurance, patience, compassion and love.

3. Pray for our leaders, at every level, dealing with the current devastation from Hurricane Harvey and the future restoration of Texas. 

4. Pray for the role of the Church and the Government as they work together.

5. Pray that state and federal agencies will work seamlessly so that families can receive quick and proper support as they strive to put their families, homes, neighborhoods and cities back together. 

6. Pray that Congress will pass the necessary legislation releasing necessary financial aid to help in the recovery process.

7. Pray that God’s peace will reign and rest upon those in despair, and that many will come to know God’s saving grace as a result.   🙏🏽🙏🏽

                2 Chronicles 7:14

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