Father, I thank you for drawing near to all who call upon your name in truth! Thank You Father, that your arm is not too short to reach down and save the sinner, and your ear is not too heavy to hear our humble cry! Father, allow your spirit of love and peace to encamp around those whose hearts long for it. Magnify your sovereign mercy and grace in the lives of those who have surrendered hearts. And for those who desperately seek deliverance from sickness, disease or some other disabling affliction or addiction…Father, I humbly ask that this day you make known to them that there IS A BALM in Gilead for the healing and recovery of your people! Hallelujah! Father, I give You all glory and honor due to the ONLY true and living God–Elohim! It’s in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus I pray. Amen 🙏🏽

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