“Ministry Of A Praying Husband”

This was true then (3 years ago) and remains true today. Marriage is indeed Ministry and a Praying Husband is more valuable than rubies, diamonds and pearls! Thank you Lord for the gift of a Praying husband! Amen. ~M. Ford

I thank God for the ministry of a Praying Husband. While my husband and I spent quality time together last night, I shared with him some things that were weighing on my heart. Not only did he give me that affectionate attention that I needed so much, he also shared a portion of God’s Word that spoke directly to my concerns and redirected my thoughts to the sovereignty of our savior.  

He said, “Honey, He has done it before, and He will do it again!” My husband then led us in prayer and invited our Abba Father to work in and out the situation. Immediately, that overwhelming feeling that concerned me was RELEASED and replaced with God’s PEACE! 

Today, I am still feeling and walking in God’s OVERWHELMING PEACE! HIS PEACE is so breath-taking I can hardly stand it….my soul rejoices and my spirit shouts a resounding “YES Lord!” God’s PEACE truly does pass ALL Understanding!  

Oh, how I praise and thank God for the Ministry of a Praying Husband who is the priest of his home!  

#Ministry of a Praying Husband                #Priest of His Home                                        #A Grateful Wife                         #Overwhelming PEACE of GOD!

3 thoughts on ““Ministry Of A Praying Husband”

  1. Mary, This is so awesome, I am extremely happy for your blessings. It’s just wonderful to know that there are men like Rev. Ford. I always pray for my church family, I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to know the two of you! May our Father continue to bless you and give you peace.



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