Let’s ALL Join Together In Prayer For:

1. God’s strength and wisdom for President Trump and VP Pence and all other governing authorities.

2. Unborn lives will be saved.

3. God’s choices for judges to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

4. Our Military to have support strengthened both for present soldiers and retired veterans.

5. Restoration of respect and safety to Law Enforcement.

6. Jobs/Employment for those in need.

7. Restoration of Love and Respect for America.

8. Demonstrations of Peaceful respect for differences.

9. God to be put back in schools, welcomed back into colleges and other public places.

10. Stopping Christian persecution.

11. Our churches to be revived and to be bold to preach the saving grace of Jesus.

12. Revival in America and To once again be “One nation under God”.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12  

#2 Chronicles 7:14

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