Saints, when praises go up, blessings come down! Jesus is the bridge that will lead you safely across any troubled waters. Have you taken your burdens to the Lord and left them there? ~M. Ford 

Father God, Give your children this day a spirit of praise and worship like David—recognizing and responding in faith to Your character and faithfulness at all times and in all situations. Father, give us a quiet peace deep within that comes with the confidence in knowing that You, oh Lord, are GREATER than anything and ABOVE ALL things! Father, I pray for showers of blessings to fall down upon those who truly love you with their whole hearts! Give peace to the restless; hope to the hopeless; and joy to the weary one at heart. Father, Open eyes that we might see Your hand moving in every circumstance as we seek your face and direction in every area of our life. This prayer I pray in Jesus’ mighty and matchless name—Amen.  

#Are you enjoying Jesus yet?

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