(Singing) “I need thee, oh…I need thee!  Every hour…I need thee!  Oh bless me now my savior!  I come…to thee!”

Father God, I ask that you cover each and every person reading this prayer today with your love and protection.  Order their steps and lead them in a straight path.  Lead them not into temptation, but help them walk in the wonder-working power of your love, mercy and grace.  Father, you are and will forever be faithful to provide everything that we need and even some of that which we want…Thank you! 

Now Father, just as you reconciled us back to you through your son Jesus, we ask that you will reconcile us back to one another—realizing that all ground is level at the foot of the cross!  Help us to long and thirst for You in a dry and barren land.  Father, bless your children with everything we stand in need of to be bold in our beliefs, steadfast in our walk and empowered to do greater for You in such a time as this.  For we know that this is the appointed time to let our little lights shine bright for you in these dark days.  It’s in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus, who is The Christ, I pray.  Amen ~ M. Ford

 Are You Enjoying Jesus Yet?    


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