“GREAT Is Your Faithfulness!”

Our Father, which art in Heaven…hollowed be your holy name for you alone are worthy to be praised! From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same…You, Oh Lord, are worthy to be praised! As You cause the sun to rise on this brand new day, we thank you, Father, for your tender mercies that are new to us every morning! GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS!

Father, during this season of swift transitions, social distancing and isolation, allow your people to feel your powerful presence in ways never felt before! Help us to seek your truths more and not lean to our own understanding. Those who are feeling alone and cut-off from life, Let them know that even though this may be a time of solitude, they are never really alone because you have promised to never leave or forsake us…even as we walk through the valley and shadows of death…You, oh God, are right there with us…leading and loving us until we make it over and through these trying times. For we know that you did not make man to be alone, but you made us for community and relationships—Koinonia—so for those who are having difficulty with isolation and being denied seeing sick family and friends (for their safety), Lord speak peace and contentment into their spirits and give them a joy deep down in their hearts that supersedes their current state of restriction.

Father God, soothe the fever, aches and pains of those infected by COVID-19 and bring about rapid healing, in Jesus’ name! Allow those individuals and families in isolated conditions to be content in being alone with The Lover of Their Souls—Enjoying JESUS everyday! Thank you, Father, for the blessings of technology that allows some to work from home, shop online for needed items, and stay in touch with loved ones, even if they can’t be there in person. Father, these are truly difficult times, but help us to remember that trouble don’t last always and that even in times like these You have promised to be our very present help! Hallelujah!

Father, give us the peace, patience, hope, Joy, love and STRENGTH we need for this journey…day by day. Even when all else fails, help our trust and faith in You to fail not…because GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS! Lord, You alone are sovereign…so we look to you, oh God, to forgive our sins and heal our land! It’s in the mighty name above all names….JESUS, I pray and praise you forever! Amen 🙏🏽 2 Chronicles 7:14

5 thoughts on ““GREAT Is Your Faithfulness!”

  1. Amen and amen. This is much needed encouragement and inspiration. Thank God for obedient and loving servants like you. May you be blessed abundantly as you bless others. Love you😍❤

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